Data Security (Technical)

The course runs over 6 weeks and is broken down into manageable weekly topics: 
Week 1: Introduction 
(The current cyber security environment; Business impacts and costs; Legal and regulatory requirements) 
Week 2: (Common vulnerabilities from CWE, OWASP, STRIDE ; Humans in the loop, social engineering, vishing, phishing, malware, spoofing ; Selecting appropriate controls) 
Week 3:(Risk assessment; Step-by-step guide to conducting a risk assessment; Cyber essentials scheme) 
Week 4: (Tools and techniques for vulnerability assessment; Introduction to Rob the Data)
Week 5: (Rob the Data) 
Week 6: (How to communicate cyber risks to management; The role of incident-planning; Resources_ 

After successfully completing the course, you’ll be able to:

- Understand security governance requirements and the legal aspects of cyber security as they apply to IT systems
- Identify the various types of vulnerabilities and threat vectors IT systems are susceptible to
- Suggest the cyber control needed to reduce IT threat vectors
- Understand the implications of various strategies used to mitigate a cyber-attack
- Understand an organisation’s security architecture
- Conduct vulnerability assessments of your organisation’s IT systems

Minimum 25 students.

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