Essential Digital Skills for Entrepreneurs (Basic)

We live in a world when knowledge and skills are the main tool for the survival of the individual, the enterprise and the national economies. Technological change and innovation drive the development of the knowledge based economy through their effects on production methods, consumption patterns and the structure of economies.

Digital entrepreneurship is broadly defined as creating new ventures and transforming existing businesses by developing novel digital technologies and/or novel usage of such technologies. Digital entrepreneurship has been viewed as a critical pillar for economic growth, job creation and innovation.

This course offers excellent opportunities for both startup companies and existing businesses. They will improve the digital entrepreneurial capacity 
offering to individuals, companies and nations the opportunity to deal more easily with all challenges in business and in everyday life.

Modules: 6 (manageable weekly topics) 

Duration: 6 weeks (30 hours)
Previous knowledge or requirements: No
Schedule/Price/Syllabus: TBA

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